Remo Recover Basic Edition

Remo Recover Basic Edition 2012

Recover lost or deleted files in a snap

Remo Recover Basic Edition helps Windows PC users recover files they thought were long-gone for good. View full description


  • Recovers deleted files
  • Recovers files from a crashed hard drive
  • Scans drive quickly to locate lost files


  • Takes time to learn advanced features

Very good

Remo Recover Basic Edition helps Windows PC users recover files they thought were long-gone for good.

Have you ever accidentally deleted a file or inadvertently emptied your Windows recycle bin? What if you still need to access those files? This calls for a file recovery tool.

Remo Recover Basic Edition will solve your data recovery issues. Whether your data loss situation is simple like accidentally deleting a file or more complex like an accidental re-installation of Windows, Remo Recover Basic Edition can help retrieve files you'd previously thought were irreparably lost.

Working quickly to scan an entire drive in a matter of minutes, Remo Recover Basic Edition locates and pulls up lost files for you. It can even recover files that were deleted using the Shift+Delete command. If you've re-installed Windows, this tool can also recover files from reformatted partitions. If you hard drive has crashed, that's no big issue either. This program can help you recover files from a crashed hard drive, as well as a drive that won't even boot.

For beginners, Remo Recover Basic Edition might initially seem a bit confusing, particularly when it comes to the advanced features. It may take some time to learn to use all of its features to their full potential. Remo Recover Basic Edition is a great tool for file recovery as a result of a variety of different issues.

Remo Recover Basic Edition


Remo Recover Basic Edition 2012

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